Magic Number 1667


So, I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year. That’s a courageous thing to say in public, after all I've participated for about three years in the past five and achieved various levels of abysmal failure each time. What makes it different this year is that I've found out there are others in my community attempting the same.

Groups tend to motivate each other. Either through support or rivalry. I'll be watching everyone of my neighbours word counts, giving encouragement whilst making sure that I stay on track for finishing my fifty-thousand words.

We are very lucky in having a supportive library where we've already held a training session on Tech Tools for Writers. I'll be posting slides for that session shortly. Many thanks to Danielle for arranging our use of the Program Room.

The library is setting aside some tables for writers to use during November, and each Thursday will be hosting a write-in. Watch the library calendar for details.

Photo Credit: Baloon Ride by Shena Tschofen