Dance Happens Anywhere


This video reminds me that dance can happen anywhere, even in a bathtub.

This is the five hundred and twenty-second video in Nadia Vadori-Gauthier’s series of daily one minute dances. Each of them briefly beautiful.

Habits are hard to form and easy to break. But sometimes simply moving can be an invitation to grace. There are so many points in the day when we are alone and waiting. Waiting for the kettle to boil. Waiting for the coffee to brew. Waiting for a guest to arrive or for clouds to give us shade. In each of those moments, alone and unobserved, we can choose to dance.

Eerie Dance Short – PrĂȘt a porter – L.reducta dance project


Halloween is close. Here’s a treat to get you into the mood for something uncanny, an eerie dance film choreographed by Xanthippi Papadopoulou and performed by Marianthi Kalaitzoglou, Eirini Thanasouli, Stella Malioufa, Tzortzina Seralidou and Stelios Nalbandis.