Bullet Journaling

As well as writing this blog I’m also keeping a bullet journal. I’ve been running one off and on for over a year. It works for me, especially in setting daily priorities and keeping to my medication schedules. When I’m journaling I don’t miss doses.

Ryder Carrol’s introduction to Bullet Journaling.

One thing I’m going to work on this year is reviewing. That’s the part of journaling I let slip most often, it’s also the most important part for learning and reflection. Have to do better there.

Who Am I Writing For?

I’ve been thinking about who I’m writing for, and the short answer is me. I’m making notes for myself that I might find useful later, and sharing things I think my children might like when they’re older.

I’m not trying to persuade anyone else of anything. I’m not trying to sell anything. I’m not trying to coordinate a project or collate a collection. I’m writing for me.

So I’m switching off all the SEO and sharing plugins. I’m cutting down the entire site to be bare bone and just do the job I want it to.

Nothing else needed and no one else to please.

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A Post A Day

A post a day, or something like that is what I’m aiming for. It’s strange coming back to blogging after all this time the hardest thing to do is to remember to put the effort in. I know all about the way the blogging software works. I’ve even hacked away at a few plugins and theme customizations in my time, but now I’m writing for myself rather than for an organization or a project. What do I write about. It doesn’t really matter. It’s not the what it’s the when. At the moment it seems to be the end of the day when everything else is done, but it’s not going to stay that way. This is a habit I want to commit to so I’ll make a promise to myself. I’ll get my daily post done at lunchtime. If I get inspired I’ll write a more frequently. But for the moment it’s a post a day.

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Don’t Eat Chocolate

It was over three years ago that I gave up coffee. I did it purely for medical reasons, I’d been diagnosed with arrhythmia and caffeine is potentially a trigger. I’ve missed it. Of course I have. I love the taste and the smell of it. I also love the locations, or my memories of the locations, outdoor seating in a market square or on a cobbled street as a city bustles around me. But I can have those memories without the taste, and the memory of the taste is evocative enough for me.

Trouble is, chocolate contains caffeine. So it’s time to give that up too. It should be easier this time. I’ve has practice. And I don’t have to crave the feeling of it melting on my tongue.

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